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About Us at HSD

HSD Himalayan Salt Direct® is one of the leading retail brands of water softener salts. We are the only salt brand to feature an innovative bag for easier lifting and carrying.

Our Mission in the Company

Himalayan Salt Direct was founded by our director Ali Asghar in 2012. The company also branches out into the fine cotton & towel industry manufacturing industry. HSD is the leading manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler of pink salt & sea salt products. HSD is affiliated with Harvey’s, hdrosoft, Kinetico and Aquasol. At HSD we became fascinated by the benefits Himalayan salt has for living a healthy lifestyle and we wanted our name to be affiliated among other companies who put their consumer health as their priority.

All of our products are made up of 100 % pure Himalayan salt originally been sourced from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, Khewra. Khewra salt mine is located in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. This mine is famous for the production of pink salt and is ranked as the second-largest salt mine of the world. We also manufacture and distribute water softener from sea salt and meet the demand of our customers who required salt blocks and salt tablets.

Whether you buy water softener salt granular, block salt or salt tablets, HSD has all the salt choices you need, Under the trusted policy’s of Uk Government® salt brands. We stand by the quality of each and every bag of water softener salt we sell.

Our Salt also helps water softener salt dealers and distributors by providing top-quality water softening salts. These products are dealer-exclusive, and we support our dealers and distributors with an extensive national distribution network and with a strong dealer-directed, co-op advertising program. All of our water softener salts are NSF® Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60.*


Years on the Market

To become the number one brand in the mind of the Himalayan salt consumer.

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