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About us

Who we are?

Himalayan Salt Direct was founded by our director Ali Asghar in 2012. The company also branches out into the fine cotton & towel industry manufacturing industry. HSD is the leading manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler of pink salt & sea salt products. HSD is affiliated with Harvey’s, hdrosoft, Kinetico and Aquasol. At HSD we became fascinated by the benefits Himalayan salt has for living a healthy lifestyle and we wanted our name to be affiliated among other companies who put their consumer health as their priority. Our main goal is to offer our customer with a salt that is beneficial for health and also economical. We are a team of highly professional and skilled workforce. At HSD we are aware of our customer demand and provide a range of different products for our customers.

All of our products are made up of 100 % pure Himalayan salt originally been sourced from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, Khewra. Khewra salt mine is located in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. This mine is famous for the production of pink salt and is ranked as the second-largest salt mine of the world. We also manufacture and distribute water softener from sea salt and meet the demand of our customers who required salt blocks and salt tablets.

What we Offer?

At HSD we are directed toward providing high quality, economical and 100 % pure Himalayan salt product. Our product ranges include home décor, edible salt to the salt tablet water softener. After sourcing the best salt from the mine our craftsmen gently handcraft it into a lamp and other various showpieces. HSD products are essential for fighting various diseases. One example is our hand crafted lamp that helps asthma patients by purifying the air. Another example is our salt water softener that helps in eliminating the problem of clog pipe and other, reducing the level of magnesium and calcium level in the water that makes water hard.

Customer service

We are constantly driven toward offering our customers with high-end customer services. Therefore, we have eliminated the involvement of any third party and deals with 24/7 customer service. Once an order is placed by the customer we make sure of delivering the product within 48hrs through our various delivery partners in the UK with a money-back guarantee in case of product damage or non-delivery.

Our Mission

To become the number one brand in the mind of the Himalayan salt consumer.

Our Vision

To bring HSD as the world’s number one direct 100% Genuine Himalayan salt product manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler.