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3 Reasons for Keeping Pure Himalayan Salt Hand Crafted Lamp in All Rooms

3 Reasons for Keeping Pure Himalayan Salt Hand Crafted Lamp in All Rooms

Posted by        Mar 2, 2020     Uncategories     0 Comments

3 Reasons for Keeping Pure Himalayan Salt Hand Crafted Lamp in All Rooms

The technological era under which we are operating is rapidly moving, and if we fails to move with it, it would become difficult for us to survive in this world and therefore, everyone is found to be working hard before caring about themselves for surviving in this world. But due to this we are neglecting our health and are avoiding the effect of these technological advancement to our surroundings. So we need to take some time out from our busy lives and try to have some relaxation and stress few time.

Himalayan Salt Hand Crafted Lamps are originally made from the crystals pieces of Himalayan salt. These Hand crafted Lamps serves as unique interior decorations and also acts as to be the natural light sources. Nevertheless, the several different functions of “Himalayan Salt” are known to be ranged far aesthetics. Merge with the light source that is under the lamp, the crystal salt chunks generates negative ions, that yields a calming and soothing effect on the indoor atmosphere. Hence, placing the “Himalayan Salt Lamp” in each room either of home or office could offer various environmental and health benefits. Following are the 3 benefits of Himalayan salt Lamps placed in rooms.

1.   Balance out Radiation of Electromagnetic

Appliances such as computers, television, tablets and cell phones are emitting positive ions every day in the air .These technologies could cause the Electromagnetic radiations overflow that is believed to be the reason for some severe heath disease. Such as increasing your stress level and weakening your immune system. Therefore, once these lamps are placed in your room and lit they emits negative ions that assist in reducing the “artificial frequencies”.

2.   Purify Air, Cleanse and Deodorize

Himalayan Salt Hand Crafted Lamps assist in cleaning the air by a function known as “hygroscopy” that absorbs and attracts polluted molecules of water from the instant surroundings and locks out them in the crystal salt lamp.

3.   Reduces Asthma and Tranquil Allergies

These “Himalayan Salt” Lamps are known for their properties of filtering out the dander of pet, mold, dust and mildew from the indoor air. Similar to the “nasal saline” spray utilizes salt for clearing out the air, they assist in reliving the symptoms of allergy of all type. While, on the other hand it helps the asthma patients through providing them clean and clear air without any dust particle.