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Himalyan Salt Mine Facts

Himalyan Salt Mine Facts

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Himalayan Salt Mines Facts

Himalayan Salt is extracted from Khewra salt mines that is located in Punjab, Pakistan. The Khewra mines could easily be qualified for being in the list of world’s wonder. These mines have also acquired a significant amount of importance by the tourist for exploring the nature. It is one of the 6 Himalayan salt mine that is located in the Himalayan salt mountains foothills. Currently, the extraction of pink salt is only taking place in the khewra salt mine.

Facts about the salt mine in figures:

Geology of salt range is known to be an extensive subject. As per the statistics, the Himalayan salt that is being extracted from this salt mine consist around 98 percent halite and its origin goes back to the times of pre-Cambrian.

The kehwra mine consist of around “82 millin metric tons” of the Himalayan crystal rock salt from which .35 million tons is known to be extracted every year

The Himalayan salt mine contains around twelve levels on which the extraction is considered to be taking place from which six are known to be under the surface.

Khewra or Himalayan salt mine is 40 kilometer deep alone. However, there is known to be a small region that is particularly designed for the tourism that was constructed in the year 1914.

While, one of the most magnificent thing regarding the “Khewra salt mine” is that it is home for a six bed hospital for the patients who are known to be suffering from the “Asthma”. An individual could spend around 8 to 10hrs a day in hospital. The hospital is located in the 5th level.

These mines of pink salt possesses a constant temperature of “18 degree Celsius” overall the year.