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Light Waves Himalayan Crystal Lamps

Light Waves Himalayan Crystal Lamps

Posted by        Mar 17, 2020     Uncategories     0 Comments

When we are discussing about “Light” we are basically referring to “oscillation energies”, or the wavelengths of electromagnetic, that lies in the range of nano-meter that is visible to the eyes of human. Besides, through the “color therapy” it is massively known that organism of human requires the “rainbow spectrum” light waves for the preservation and health of their body. Human body cells are known to be supplied through “new energy” in the “electromagnetic wavelengths” form. Hence, the “atomic structure” of every human cell are found to vibrates on their own provided order and could also radiate the cells personal “bio photons” as cells possesses “electromagnetic field of energy”. The particular values of oscillation of Himalayan Crystal salt lamps is reliant on the crystalline structure color under the war tone that has the range of around 600 to 700 “nano-meters”. Therefore, for decades these salt lamps are being utilized therapeutically.


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