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Artificial Lamp VS Himalayan Salt Lamp

Artificial Lamp VS Himalayan Salt Lamp

Posted by        Apr 1, 2020     Uncategories     0 Comments

With rising technological advancement and the utilization of artificial lamps, several health issues are arising. Artificial lamps are found to be composed of prominent light, IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiations and several scholars have presented a concern regarding these lamps that level of emission in these lamps might be harmful to human eye and skin. Additionally, artificial lamps are made up of materials that are when combine with heats emits ions in the environment that are harmful to health. For instance, lamps made from plastic produces harmful radiation in the environment. However, the surprising fact is that these artificial lamps are found to be more expensive than lamps that are made from original materials.

Himalayan salt is considered to be the most beneficial and essential salt for human and animals. It is known to contain 84 minerals in it, all of which are crucial for human health. Hence, it has been studied that Himalayan salt lamps are the healthiest lamps as these lamps contain the properties of enhancing the air quality and also assist asthma patients. Himalayan salt lamps come in different shapes due to which they are considered to be unique home décor lamps. Moreover, as these lamps are made from original Himalayan salt, therefore, when the lamp is lit the light from bulb attach in lamps reflects through the pink salt and all of the harmful emission of the bulb is absorbed by pink salt, which filters out a warm and soothing glow that affects your health in a positive way.

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